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Our Motto : "To Ascend, To Overcome"
ToT 10/10 cleared. gz guys

Our 5th anniversary ;) The Ascendants:

THIS.... IS.... SPARTA! ...jk, it's The Ascendants :D

We are a Casual International Progression Raiding Guild having our presence in Frostwolf Horde. We have been in existence for more than 5 years having been formed on 10 April 2010, which speaks volumes of our commitment and leadership stability.

We firmly believe that being casual players does not mean we compromise on the skills, tactics and efficiency of hardcore Guilds. Many of the players in this Guild are either working professionals or students, and we all have real life commitments outside of the game. As such we seek to achieve our PVE objectives in the least amount of time so that we can spend our much needed quality time outside of the game.

We seek to ascend above others in terms of ability and gameplay as a united Team, as well as fostering a closely-knitted fun atmosphere within the Guild.

We believe that we have what it takes to be one of the top performing Guilds in Molten WoW. We seek to achieve our PVE objectives at clearing every PVE content available in the game and to be at the forefront of Guild Progression.

Raiding Times

We are a expanding to a 25 man raiding guild with most of members playing at European time zone (GMT +1 / GMT +2)

Raids happen on a daily basis at 5.30 PM Server time during the weekdays and around 3.00 PM on weekends.

Ranking system

Assistant - Pre-officer rank, their job is assisting and leading raids.

Seasoned Elites – Veterans who perform and contribute exceptionally to the guild. Favored regarding raid spots and decisions of Loot Council.

Ascending – Members with full raiding and looting rights.

Alts – We welcome multiple alt characters of members to the guild to increase variety and flexibility of raids and creating multiple alt-runs.

Trialists– Fresh recruits undergoing 3-4 weeks of trial period to ensure it’s the right choice for both the player and the guild. Upon passing trial, one gets promoted to Ascending, upon failing it for various reasons:

Attitude/Behaviour issue = gkick

Performance issue = choice between leaving Guild or being demoted to Casual to learn and improve more

Casual – Community members that were invited as friends/relatives of raiders, no raiding rights. Also failed trialists gain this rank if they are willing to improve their performance and try again later.

Alumnus – Inactive veteran raiders that are given the honour to not be removed from the guild.

Looting Rules

- General loot system is “/roll” among members with same loot priority.

Loot priority is determined by a couple of very simple factors, in order of importance and taking effect:

1) Main spec > Off spec
2) Main character of Members > Main character of Trialists
3) Members Alts = Trialists Mains > Trialists alts
4) Upon exceptionally bad performance of a player the Raid Leader has the right to deny any loot from him/her.
5) Trialists in their 1st test run have no priority for any kind of loot

- Tier tokens are always under Loot Council’s decision, being judged case by case.
- Upon winning 2 items or more for Main Spec in the same raid, one loses loot priority to those that won nothing, in order to ensure fair distribution of the items that everyone worked hard for.
Our New Guild Logo

The winning Guild Logo is designed by Apollonius, and she came in tops in a Guild Logo design competition decided by votes from Guildmates as part of our 2nd anniversary celebrations.

What the logo symbolises :-

- The shield is a representation of something "common" in MMORPG, and
- The fire angel (Seraphim) is breaking through the shield, forming the wings.

The Guild Logo represents our motto "To Ascend, To Overcome", in that to overcome something we need to ascend/breakthrough the common norms, do something the others can't and we will spread our wings and reach to the top as a guild together.